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Irish Game Platform Keywords Studios Acquires Kantan, Ichi, and Syllabes for €11.2m

Irish game service provider Keywords Studios announced the acquisition of Kantan, Ichi Holdings, and Syllabes in a bid to improve its technical and creative platform. Keywords will pay a total consideration of up to €11.2 million for all three companies.

Keywords will make an initial payment of €3.5 million in cash and issue 38,699 ordinary shares for the acquisition of Kantan. The translation technology developer, which trades under Xcelerator Machine Translations Ltd, may also receive total compensation of up to €7 million because of an earn-out provision.

Headquartered in Holborn, London, ICHI Holdings has worked with companies such as Netflix, Sports Interactive, and Square Enix for different marketing initiatives. Keywords will pay an initial consideration of €2.24 million in cash and issue 70,247 ordinary shares to ICHI CEO and founder Liz Corless.

Keywords also acquired Syllabes, the audio recording and casting service provider founded by Nicolas Charbonneaux, to support its Montreal hub. The deal includes an initial payment of CAD$ 325k and an additional consideration of up to CAD$ 150k.

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