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Logitech Acquires Tournament Manager Challonge

Swiss computer peripherals and software provider Logitech acquired the esports tournament manager Challonge —a trusted partner of the Capcom Pro Tour, OG Overwatch Invitational, and USA Rugby.

Founded in 2009, Challonge allows players to create brackets for tournaments. In 2016, SplitmediaLabs, the developer behind XSplit, acquired the company.

Challonge announced the acquisition by Logitech through an email. The official Challonge website now displays copyright under Logitech Europe S.A. Moreover, the terms and conditions also refer to Logitech as the owner and operator of the website. 

Earlier during the year, Logitech launched the 2019 Logitech G Challenge through Beyond Entertainment, the company it acquired in 2018.

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