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Riot Games Gives HUYA Exclusive Rights to Stream LCS and LEC in China

Riot Games named Huya as its exclusive partner for broadcasting the LCS and LEC in China.

League of Legends developer Riot Games signed an exclusive broadcast distribution deal with Guangzhou-based live streaming company HUYA for the League of Legends Championship Series and its European counterpart LEC.

Back in October, Huya already secured a three-year exclusive deal to stream the Korean League, LCK, in China. It’s worth noting that the three regional championships — LCK, LES, and LCS — had the highest hours watched and airtime in 2019.  

The broadcast for the LEC which will kick off on Jan. 24 and the LCS, which will start on Jan. 25, will be available on HUYA’s platform.

With this partnership, Chinese fans can have more exposure to western esports. LEC and LCS, on the other hand, can gain more support from the Chinese market, which has always been one of the biggest markets for League of Legends tournaments. 

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