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The Biggest CS:GO Teams in Esports

Today, we’ll be talking about the biggest CS:GO brands. In other words, the most notable teams and organizations that have made their mark on the competitive stage of the world’s most popular first-person shooter esports title!

Every esports title out there is a like a sophisticated ecosystem on its own. Even though it’s a part of the esports industry, each esports title takes things differently, has different rules, their own competitive nature, and talent pool. There are, however, organizations that stretch out across multiple esports titles.

Today, though, we won’t be talking about esports organizations in general. Instead, we are going to focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a massively popular free-to-play first person shooter (FPS from now on), developed by Valve. More precisely, we are going to focus on the biggest CS:GO brands that have made their mark on the CS:GO esports scene!

By biggest CS:GO brands, we are not referring to the endemic or non-endemic brands that have invested in the esports industry. We’re referring to the esports organizations that had the most success, possess that legendary status, or have gathered the biggest fanbase.

Biggest CS:GO Brands | A Top 5 List

Making this list was no easy task! There are only a few legendary CS:GO organizations, that’s true. However, there’s a ton of prominent ones, and it was really difficult to pick, for example, FaZe Clan and not, let’s say, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9 or OpTic.

While the list is quite subjective since it’s difficult to be objective in terms of the above-mentioned factors, it does feature a nice mixture of new and old names.

So, without further ado, here are the five biggest CS:GO brands, in no particular order:


Fnatic definitely deserves a spot on this list. Even though Fnatic’s significance exceeds CS:GO, Valve’s popular shooter is still the Swedes’ most prominent endeavor. In recent years, Fnatic wasn’t up to its usual standards in terms of roster quality and success. Fnatic’s 2015 roster, on the other hand, is still considered the greatest of all time. 

Fnatic is still a mighty name in the CS:GO competitive scene. Even mightier considering the results in late 2019 and the recent roster shuffle. Fnatic is currently placed as the fourth-best team in the world, and it could even be on an upward spiral.


Ex-Luminosity and SK-gaming, Made in Brazil is arguably the best South American team to ever play CS:GO. Owned by Immortals, MIBR had plenty of success in recent years, but could never get back to its former glory.

In 2019, the organization suffered a huge loss roster-wise. Coldzera departed for FaZe Clan and there were huge shoes to fill. Even though meyern and kNgV- are doing their best, this MIBR roster is far from the top ten at the moment. Luckily, they’re a massive South American brand and have a rich history intertwined with both Luminosity and SK Gaming… and that’s worth a lot!


Fnatic 2015 and Astralis 2018-2019 are known as the GOAT rosters. The thing is, Astralis’ era still isn’t done. The Great Danes are at the peak of their game, having won three consecutive CS:GO Major Championships, four in total.

On the business end, RFRSH Entertainment is no longer the direct owner of Astralis. Furthermore, the total prize winnings of The Great Danes amounts more than $8 million, making them the highest earners in the CS:GO sphere. How long will Astralis’ dominance last? Only time will tell… is another legendary tier organization that’s most recognized for its CS:GO and Dota 2 teams. The organization is based in Russia, plays in the CIS region and had plenty of success back in its glory days. That would be 2014 through 2017 when VP won the majority of their titles. became a household name in the CS:GO community thanks to their Polish team, led by the legendary PashaBiceps. However, December news came in with acquiring AVANGAR’s Kazakhstanian roster. It’s a new beginning for, one that could them back in business. And let’s be realistic, VP is among the biggest CS:GO brands ever and definitely deserves a proper return!

FaZe Clan

As mentioned above, placing FaZe instead of teams like Cloud9 or Ninjas in Pyjamas was difficult. However, we just had to go with FaZe, if not because of their star-packed CS:GO roster, then surely because of their overall prese3ncein the esports industry.

Yes, everyone who knows anything about the esports industry has heard of FaZe Clan. With an army of popular streamers and influencers, not to mention wicked pro teams and individuals playing some of the biggest esports titles, there’s no point denying FaZe Clan is one of the biggest CS:GO brands out there.

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