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Celebrities Who Play CS:GO

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the most prominent celebrities who are playing CS:GO. It's a short list, but one that might surprise you...

The esports industry is outright massive. Even though it is approaching the spotlights, slowly but surely, the number of celebrities that are already actively engaged with the top esports titles ought to surprise you.

In other words, today, we won’t be focusing on celebrities who’ve invested in esports. Instead, we’ll be taking a closer look at the most prominent celebrities who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Yep, the world’s most popular FPS (first-person-shooter) esports title is, once again, in the center of attention. Celebrities-wise, there’s a handful of giant names from various niches that are somewhat active in the CS:GO sphere. Some of them have no connection to esports whatsoever, some of them have invested in the industry, and others are active parts of the spectrum (i.e., team ownership).

They all have one thing in common – they all love CS:GO!

Why Is CS:GO So Popular?

That brings us to the final thing we’re going to discuss here before moving onto the five celebrities who play CS:GO – why is it popular?

Long story short, there are several key factors that make CS:GO among the most popular games of today.

Rich History

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as CS:GO, dates back to August 2012. While that alone is pretty old, especially considering titles such as Overwatch, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO’s predecessors date much further back. Counter-Strike: Source was released in 2004, while the original Counter-Strike game dates all the way back to November 2000. That’s almost two decades of CS we’re talking about here, which perfectly depicts the game’s rich history.


Such a rich history paved the way for numerous top-tier teams. We’re talking about teams with legendary statuses here, ones that had their very own eras of dominance. These eras of dominance brought forth fierce rivalries, some of the biggest ones the world of esports has ever seen. SK Gaming vs. Fnatic, Mousesports vs. Alternate aTTaX, and NiP vs. Very Games, just to name a few.

These rivalries don’t pump the game’s playtime, but definitely bring bigger crowds to the esports events. And, since CS:GO is not just a popular FPS but a popular esports title too, it’s only logical to take rivalries into consideration.

The Gameplay

If we’re talking about CS:GO just as a first-person-shooter, then the crucial factor contributing to its popularity is the gameplay. We can all agree the game plays smoothly, is well-balanced, and doesn’t take too much time to understand the basics. The learning curve isn’t too steep, it’s free to play, and the competitive layer is well-executed. The only real downside is the number of cheaters in the free to play version, meaning you should do the upgrade for the sake of matchmaking with real players instead of aimbotters.

Celebrities Who Play CS:GO

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. is definitely among the most notable celebrities who play CS:GO. The Brazilian soccer superstar, currently playing for PSG, is known for his obsession with CS:GO. He often shares some of his best moments on social media, which frequently portray the same dashes of brilliance Neymar shows off on the pitch.

In addition to CS:GO, Neymar Jr has also played other shooters too, mainly referring to popular Call of Duty games. He’s not only active on Instagram but Twitch too, having been on a fair share of streams. Last but not least, the 27-year-old Brazilian is also an avid fan of MIBR, a popular Brazilian CS:GO organization.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen

Who on Earth is Lars Lokke Rasmussen? Well, believe it or not, we’re talking about Denmark’s Prime Minister, a prominent figure in Danish politics that’s always been all for supporting the growth of esports and making a national esports strategy.

Even though he’s not an avid gamer, Lars Lokke Rasmussen did play a bit with Zonic, Astralis’ coach. This news shouldn’t surprise you as Denmark is one of the world’s leaders in terms of esports, especially with a team such as Astralis being the dominant force in CS:GO.

Jerzy Janowicz

I honestly haven’t heard about Jerzy Janowicz until I started doing research on this topic. Apparently, Jerzy Janowicz is a celebrated Polish tennis player who was at one point the fourteenth best player in the world. His golden tennis days are all over, but he’s found new hope on Twitch. He’s an active CS:GO player with an impressive rank and more than 53,000 Twitch followers. Feel free to check out Janowicz’s Twitch channel.


Joel Thomas Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5, is a highly popular electronic music producer, musician and DJ based in Canada. In addition to his crazy mouse costume, Deadmau5 is also known for promoting his CS:GO gameplay back in 2013. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much CS:GO from him since then, but we can say with certainty Deadmau5 was loving the game shortly after its initial release.

Jonas Jerebko

Even though Jonas Jerebko isn’t exactly a household name in the basketball world, a decade in the NBA means the Swede was a pretty consistent figure. At the moment, he’s playing in the EuroLeague for Khimki, having signed in 2019.

In the esports sphere, the 32-year-old Swede is better known for being an avid gamer and investing in the industry. More precisely, Jerebko purchased Renegades back in August 2016. As for CS:GO, he publicly stated it’s his favorite game, one that he still enjoys playing.

Perhaps, if the new Grayhound roster doesn’t work out, we’ll see Jerebko in a new role…

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