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Mobile Esports Enjoying Massive Popularity | Let’s Assess the Numbers

Mobile gaming has been on the rise. Today, we'll take a look at some numbers and their long-term potential.

Mobile gaming has been on the rise. The industry has officially made the switch from handheld consoles, featuring solo player titles, to powerful smartphones and endless possibilities.

Online gaming via smartphones hasn’t always had 100% smooth sailing, but mobile esports are here to stay.

Smartphones have paved the way for multiplayer battle royal and the rise of esports in countries around the world. 

Mobile gamers can finally test their skills against their friends (and foes) in real-time.

Mobile Esports Building Impressive Numbers

2019 is proving to be the most significant year for mobile esports. There are numerous top-tier events attracting impressive viewership numbers. This isn’t surprising given the fact that overall esports viewership is on the rise.

Projections say the entire industry will see viewership come close to 650 million viewers by 2022.

Free Fire Showing off Unreal Statistics

Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio, is an esports event featuring a massively popular mobile battle royale game. The event attracted more than two million peak viewers and over seven million total hours watched. Crazy numbers for an event that lasted only six hours in total!

At the moment, Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio is the fifth largest esports event in the world – behind events like The League of Legends World Championships and Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals.

Other mobile events, including Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019 Season 3 and Free Fire World Cup 2019, have also had more than a million unique viewers.

Mobile Esports Popularity | Long-Term Sustainability

The biggest issue we can see with the current batch of top-tier mobile esports is that they’re riding a battle royale wave – this is the genre that sent shockwaves throughout the esports industry with a completely new event and gameplay composition in 2018.

When will the battle royale wave end, along with mobile esports?

Yes, there are other mobile esports genres out – multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), racing, and simulations, but they’re not nearly as popular as their battle royale counterparts.

The mobile esports market will have to stop relying solely on battle royale games to attract audiences – event coordinators would be well served to start finding ways to introduce new genres into the mainstream battle royal space.

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